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In 2010, I was led to join a local missions organization: "Jabulani Africa Ministries'’. There I met my friend Lucia Nokamatye. She was a Xhosa girl who grew up in Port St John, Eastern Cape, and was serving in the ministry in Cape Town at that time. Lucia was a genuine light to those around her. She treated people with such honor and could equally call out the gold in people as she could confront shortcomings. She was obsessed with Jesus and the Gospel and was one of the few friends I had that could really "get" me.

She was a best friend and also a mentor. In my younger days being newly baptized in the Spirit, I zealously pursued the things of the supernatural. Lucia encouraged that zeal in me but often corrected me by saying, "Meyer, you don't get it, it's all about the cross!" And I would always reply with "Yeah, yeah I know...Look, a heavenly gemstone!" or whatever crazy charismatic hype I was currently on. I could tell she was frustrated at me for not getting the point. All she ever talked about was her love for Jesus, the finished work, and the new creation miracle.

I, in my ignorance, saw that as the "basics'’. It was only later in my life that God graciously revealed to me how I've missed the mark of what the Gospel is, and Lucia was right. Our entire ministry now is to call the church back to the Cross of Christ!

In 2011, Lucia tragically passed away. It left a mark on all of us. At this time, she was actively pioneering in the Port St Johns region, ministering to the youth and rural communities. She had loads of international favor, and we could see that this could soon be something significant.

When Annalien and I got married in 2017, I took her to Port St Johns for our final honeymoon destination. The reason was not only because it is very beautiful there, but it is a core part of my story of when I was called to missions, and I wanted her to see the "real South Africa" (as I call it).

Being there made me nostalgic about the times I've had there, remembering the amazing miracles God did and the people we worked with, especially Lucia. I told the Father: "Lord this can't be over!" Later, I was reminded of a vision I had where I saw Lucia approaching me with great joy and handing me a protea flower. At the time I did not process the meaning, I was just very impacted by the experience.

The next year, I went with a team and some of our eldership to scout the region and pray about possible opportunities here. There was great excitement in everyone's hearts, and we could sense the Lord's favor.

During the visit, we went up the mountain overlooking the town, ocean, and far distant rural communities. During prayer, we noticed we were standing under protea trees. I was quite shocked because I have been there multiple times and I have never noticed the large protea trees on the mountain. Then I remembered that Lucia would often go up the mountain by herself, spend hours praying for Port St Johns, and dream with God about the region.

I believe that in my experience we were handed over a promise she received from YHVH. Even in her earthly passing, Father is still faithful to complete what He started.

Because I believe there is an amazing inheritance for Port St Johns and the Transkei region, we made an offer to buy the property where she grew up in. The intent is to see where we could plant an outreach post to host more ministry teams and empower local leaders to train the community in Spiritual maturity.

The last thing we want is another "western Christianity" agenda, but rather to kick start an environment where the local people know Jesus personally and reveal Him uniquely to their redemptive gifts and sound.

In early 2021, a friend offered to loan me the finances to purchase the building at zero interest! The idea is that the property will eventually be self-sustaining financially and still be feasible for low-income socially demographically individuals or locals to receive training and have accommodation. 

We look forward to partnering with Heaven's labor in one of the most broken yet ripe regions in South Africa.

- Meyer Blignaut

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